Thursday, October 30, 2008

Write Your First PHP Programme in Linux

Write Your First PHP Programme in Linux

Write Some Programme is PHP is Very Easy.
First You Must Start PHP and Apache Servers
Take one terminal and login as root user by typing su -

then start your apache server by typing service httpd start

goto directory /var/www/html by typing cd /var/www/html
craete a directory with any name say firstphp by typing mkdir firstphp
then goto that dircetory by typing cd firstphp
create one file index.php here using any text editor (vi editor can be used)
type vi index.php in the command prompt
then press the key 'i'
now type the following

echo "This is my first php programme";

now press 'Esc' key and then type ':x'

now a file named index.php is created in your /var/www/html/firstphp/ directory

now open any browser say firefox
now type localhost/firstphp at the address bar
WOW.. You Can Find Your Programme There.....

Friday, October 3, 2008


The first meeting of the publicity committee of NFM-2008(National Free software Meet 2008 at Kochi) was at CUSAT Guest House,CUSAT Main Campus Kalamassery on 11.30 A.M. ChairmanMr. Zakir Husein was on the chair.

Members Present : Zakir Hussain, Joseph Thomas, Jay Jacob, Ashok, Maniyappan, Navaneeth Krishnan, ,Sreenath , AnupamaK, Ragi AR, BabijaEN, PR Shaji , Joby John.

Main Decisions

1. A Meeting with Journalists from both print and visual media will be conducted on 4th October 2008 afternoon at CUSAT Guest House. A tentative list of invitees was drawn up.

2. Big banners/Arches announcing NFM 2008 to be put up in and around CUSAT within 2 weeks. Website and contact address also to be included

3. An active blog campaign on NFM2008 to be started at earliest. Bloggers to be contacted.

4. Seminars on NFM 2008 to be organized in various CUSAT departments in both campuses in Kochi by mid October .Documents / Presentation for such seminars to be prepared. Details on exhibition and contents to be emphasized.

5. Seminars on NFM2008 to be organized at other Colleges /Universities/Schools in Ernakulam District.

6. A competition will be arranged among all the students

National Free software Meet 2008 at Kochi

National Free Software Meet 2008

Second National Free Software Meet
15th & 16th NOVEMBER, 2008

(Chief Minister of Kerala)

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