Thursday, February 25, 2010

How to Decode or Decrypt the Encrypted PHP Footer in Wordpress

Lots of themes are available for wordpress for free. But some external themes have encrypted footer.php in the theme folder.
to decrypt these files we can use some online methods

  • open the encrypted file
  • the file is look like this
  • $o="QAEIOyhjbnE5DQBzDg0NOwDwJ2RrAA xmdHQ6JWRrYmZ1JTkBwwGjbmMBADolZW Z0YiUDMDh3b3cnbmlkAABrcmNiJy9TQkpXS0Z TQldGAAJTTycpJyAoZWhzc2hqKQJQIA8ELjwnOA MQBb8FtAXHYWhopOw=="));return;?>
  • copy the portion of the code in red from your footer.php
  • open the site
  • paste the encrypted code to the top textbox area and click the deocode button
  • That's it..
  • you can see the decoded php in the lower textarea. copy this code and paste it into your footer.php

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