Monday, November 3, 2008

Multimedia Linux With Open Office 3 Support -BLAG 9

Are You need to change your Operating System into Linux?

Are You not familiar with programme installations in Linux?
Are you need multimedia programmes and Open office packages?

The Answer is BLAG Linux with Open Office.
Blag Linux is one of the clone of Fedora. But it includes most of the daily use programmes that an ordinary user "expect" .
It Includes most of the multimedia programmes like XMMS, Mplayer, Xine, Audacity, CD/DVD Burning Programmes etc...
The only drawback is the lack of Open-Office. But this can be solved by the arrival of Open Office 3 from sun micro system.
The installation of Open Office 3 in blag Linux is very easy as a windows programme. Just Click the setup file with root permission. the installer will do everything.
And the Magic is IT WORKS with 256MB Ram Systems. If You have a 512MB Ram then its a super-fast!!
So Don't Wait for other operating system if you are not much aware about Linux... try it now....

Download Link of BLAG-9 Linux

4. (Torrent Link)

Download Link For Open Office 3

2. Or Goto and Search for OpenOffice 3 for Linux