Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ubuntu Linux and Barack Obama

Is there any connections with Ubuntu Linux and Barack Obama?
The answer is Yes!!

James Maguire finds a comparison between Barack Obama and Ubuntu Linux! In a 2007 survey Ubuntu linux is the most popular linux in the world of thousands of Linux Distributions. In the 1993's and before Linux means Debian. debian was the mot popular linux at that time. In that time no one heard about Ubuntu.Ubuntu is only starts from 1994 and it is also a clone of Debian. From that time onwards ubuntu keeps the track over Debian and now the lead is very clear.Linux Foundation surveys from ‘05, ‘06 and ‘07 all put Ubuntu ahead of Debian.

The history Barack Obama is some what the same.

Another similarity is the Origin, both from the Africa.

He compares Debian with Bill Clinton team. In James Maguire's opinion there are lots of similarities between Barack Obama and Ubuntu. Any one can find out more details from the following link

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