Thursday, May 21, 2009

Display Visitors Counter in your Website using Joomla

Visitors display is an easy and integrated module in joomla. To enable visitors
1. goto Module Manager
2. Click New (+) Button on the top right
3. Select 'Statistics' and click Next->
4. Type Appropriate title for the module eg: visitors
5. Select an Appropriate position eg: left, bottom etc.
5. in the Parameters section Select Module Parameters
6. Select Yes for Hit Counter

That all.... You can see the visitors counter in your joomla web site


shine അഥവാ കുട്ടേട്ടൻ said...

Good. I found your Blog from the link of KSSP. All the best friend, for your support to Open Source..

ടോട്ടോചാന്‍ (edukeralam) said...

Thanks shine....

Nina Athena said...

What you have shared is very valuable and helpful. All the information you have shared gives me more insights on this. Thank you for sharing. Keep it up! Would like to see more updates from you soon.

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